IRA Gifts


Make a Gift Through Your IRA

If you are 70½ or older, you can make a tax-free gift to  the Friends of Jack Foundation  directly from your individual retirement account (IRA). This is called a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).

The advantages of a QCD

  • Tax benefits: A charitable gift transferred from your IRA directly to the Friends of Jack will not be taxed and can satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD), maximizing benefits to both you and the Friends of Jack.
  • Ease: You do not need an attorney to make this gift; simply contact your financial advisor.
  • Flexibility: An IRA gift can be directed to unrestricted support for the Friends of Jack Foundation or a specific area.

The requirements for an IRA gift

  •  Be age 70½ or older
  • Give your required minimum distribution, up to $100,000, from your IRA per year
  • Transfer funds directly from a traditional or rollover IRA to the Friends of Jack

Please note: Gifts from an IRA cannot be accepted when goods or services from the charity are provided.

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 Please call Chris Resendes at 508-328-9075 or email